One of the few members of the Hollywood Industry who requires no introduction is Jason Statham. Leading a successful acting career till date, the bald man is known for amazing the audience with professional stunts and acting performances in movies like The Transporter, The Expendables, Death Race and The Fate of The Furious. Without any contradiction, he is the only mainstream actor to have expertise in Martial Arts, perhaps which is why he performs of all the stunts on his own. Read More….

You’ill Gonna Meat Transformed Captain Pike In Star Trek Discovery

We have spent a little time with Pike After being confined to a wheelchair and only being able to communicate via one flashing outside of the forbidden pilot for Star Trek, titled “The Cage,” and an episode that did air, in the 1966 episode “The Menagerie’. Now Comeback of mike in a bold yellow jacket is game-changing for discovery, after putting them out of the situation while he was a captain who is not trustworthy for his crew. Pike will definitely turn his crew into larger brains if he had superpowers. And he tries to deliver the message to his crew personally, showing them he is much more understanding and sincere than the ship’s previous captain.  So get the clever and brave look of Captain Pike with Captain Bike yellow leather jacket .Read more..


No matter how much immense is the love we all have for the superhero movies, their reputation is about to fall in to an extreme peril especially since hundreds of them are being introduced each year with all having similar themes. It was not very long ago that a movie with a female superhero saving lives and fighting evil in those Burgundy Winter Coats was released. Now, another such superhero TV series is going to set our screens on fire which will be casting the first ever Trans Super Hero in the TV history. Read more..

Make Your Journey Adventurous With Your Irresistible Rough And Tough Look!

A new Fallout adventure is waiting for you to create your character using the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system and make your own route in natural West land with hundreds of locations, so start your adventurous journey alone or with your friends and don’t forget to fill up your bag pack with rough and tough clothes like the fallout 76 real leather jacket, as at forest of Appalachia and noxious crimson of the Cranberry Bog you are going to have some risks and challenges along with the rewards, now here is your turn to add some adventure to your real life with all new fallout 76 leather jacket designed by The Movie Fashion, The Fallout 76 jacket impersonates the style of Vault jumpsuits with blue leather trimmed with gold and a large golden “76” at the back. Read more..

Ms Marvel Full DIY Guide

It looks like red Alert for Superhero’s, so Captain Marvel is back to era-earth from always going interstellar wars on the far corners of the galaxy, When half of the population of the Universe is devastated by Thanos, Sure, she has a rebellious sparkle in her eyes, and she can explode energy bolts from her fists, hopes that Kree warrior can save the universe. Carol wore a variation of costumes on screen, So here is the Simple DIY Guide If you are willing to save the universe along with Ms. Marvel Read more..

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse DIY Guide

For all the kids who dream of being superheroes, Writer Brian Michael Bendis introduced the new era of superheroes after creating the character in 2011 to take over the mantle of Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker, the story becomes attention-grabbing when Moral’s bitten by a genetically-modified spider, The entire movie is shot like a comic book, with a unique texturing and even its “BOOM! BAM!” televised sound effects, not only the kids but the youngsters also love new Spidey “Miles Morales” and his adoring dressing style read more..


For those who haven’t seen “This Means War” yet, it’s a romantic comedy with Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy in it and well, honestly, the movie isn’t that bad but it wasn’t successful at the box office. The two important and best things about this rom-com are theTom Hardy This Means War Jacket and of course Tom Hardy himself but as far as the failure of the movie is concerned, well, we cannot really blame the cast or their acting skills, it’s just that the storyline was a little weak and that’s it. In fact, even Hardy was shocked to see that he enjoyed the role so much yet, he wasn’t able to give the best of his performance and he was miserable with it read more